In 1919, Guglielmo Marconi bought Yacht Electra. It was built and planned at the beginning of the century in Austrian Archduchess Maria Teresa’s honour. Initially it was called Rowenska

Marconi transformed it into a floating laboratory, which sailed the seven seas to obtain dynamic parameters for the radiotelegraphy and radiophony testing at close range, regardless of blind navigation without modern radar

Guglielmo Marconi and his radiotelegraphist Adelmo Landini were on board of the Electra.

After 1937, when Marconi died and after some unlucky events, this Yacht was abandoned and forgotten.

In the seventies, Giancarlo Nanni (in the picture), with his "LAMBRETTA AMMIRAGLIA DAI 100 FANALI" made some public petitions in order to restored and preserved it. All his efforts were in vain. All that was left of Electra finds, anchored to Mar di Trieste, was dissected into pieces. The fragments were donated to Nanni in recognition of his great care to save the Yacht. Nanni gave these relics to the museum. Today, you can find it in the Marconi’ s Room.


On the left, you can see the register to collect signatures for the petitions to preserve and restore it. In Marconi’s room there is a yacht model (scale 1:75) , a rare modelling object, designed by the engineer Dino Amaduzzi, who wrote this dedication: “ to honour Museo Mille voci…mille suoni and in memory of Gugliemo Marconi”

This is a beautiful image of the Electra Yacht model, in Museo Mille voci…mille suoni, Marconi’s Room.

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